Getting Started

Use the controls at the bottom of the screen to place the course sections you wish to take into one of up to 12 groups. The system will then generate all possible schedules that contain one section from each group. For example, if you wish to take section 1 or 3 of ENG 101 and section 2 or 3 of COM 103, use the drop down menus labeled Dept, Course and Section to select those sections then click on Add Button like this:

ENG 101 01 selected on the drop down menus
ENG 101 03 selected on the drop down menus
Before adding the COM sections, change the group to "Group 2".
COM 103 02 selected on the drop down menus
COM 103 03 selected on the drop down menus

List of 4 sections selected Note that the sections you selected are listed in the upper right corner, as shown to the right. Now that you have sections in at least two groups, Generate Schedules Button is available. Click it and you will see all 4 possible schedules which use one section from each group.

If you don't care which section of a class you take, rather than adding each section individually you can just select Any in drop down menu labeled Section.

ENG 101 Any selected on the drop down menus

A group doesn't need to contain only sections of the same course, as in the above example. A group may contain different courses in different departments.

To remove courses from your list, you may either click on the X by that course in the upper right, or select it in the Dept, Course and Section drop down menus and click Remove Button.

Near the top of the page listing your possible schedules (which you get after cliking Generate Schedules Button) there is an area that looks like this:

Options for filtering schedule results

If, for example, you want to limit the schedules displayed to those which have no classes on Friday, uncheck the box above "F" and click Apply Changes Button. You may also limit the schedules displayed to certain hours of the day.

Left Arrow    Right Arrow
If there is more than one page full of schledules, you can move to the next or previous page by clicking on the blue arrows in the upper corners.

Important Note: This program does not yet understand courses that only meet for part of the semester. If you select two courses that meet at the same time but during different parts of the semester, this program will think they conflict (even though they don't) and not show you any schedules that contain both courses. If you want more than one such course, the best thing is usually to include only one of them in your list of classes and fit the other(s) into your schedule manually.